Top 5 tips for a Rewarding Career in Johor

Searching for the jobs? A lot of people now a day are looking for the jobs which allow them to improve their lifestyle. Students who are graduated from the college or university or candidates who are interested in part-time jobs have a keen interest in building their professional career. Although there are numerous job vacancies provided by the different organization a strong academic background is needed for the job.

Where to find the job in Johor which matches your skills and qualifications? If you are a fresher and just started thinking towards achieving your goal, then we help you came out of your dilemma. A candidate at the initial level of his or her career is not aware of the networking. A strong network enables job seekers to communicate within society which helps them in finding right jobs. Want to land a good job in your comfort zone?

Here are some tips which give you inside information about how to find a job:

  • Job vacancy websites: Companies list current job openings on their website. So, if you are thinking to join some particular companies then you can visit their website. There is a career section in almost every website where all the job openings are mentioned. Just go through it and apply for the one which best suited for your skills and avails your best opportunity.


  • Newspapers: It is the reliable source for finding new jobs. Local newspapers have attached separate section for job openings. Employment newspapers are another source which provides the job for the seekers based on their abilities. These are available only on weekends, so do searches for the vacancies within your job search areas which are advertised.



  • Recruiting agencies: Register yourself with as many recruitment agencies as possible. There are a lot of recruitment agencies in Johor which publish their job vacancies in newspapers, on their own website and on some reputed employment websites. All you need to do is to register with these recruitment agencies. There are no registration fees. Sometimes these agencies contact you via phone call or by sending an email. Agencies are the effective way to find jobs which are not advertised publically because some companies don’t hire candidates directly.


  • Word of mouth: While searching for the jobs, you need to talk and speak more about your intentions of getting the job. Communicate with your friends and family who already have engaged in business line. Show your willingness towards getting the job and make connections with the colleagues who are in the same field. During gatherings, you may find some people who refer to job vacancies as you sincerely mention finding a job. Search for the jobs which you have heard people talking about in public areas.



  • Others: Professional or industrial journals are another good resource to find job vacancies. You can purchase it or can borrow from the libraries. Some journals are available on the internet also. So, this was all about ways to find your dream job.

Well, there are many job portals which offer ample Jobs in Johor.  These are some tips which are very helpful. You just have to upload your CV on these portals. Monster Malaysia being a leading job portal offers employers and job seekers a platform to connect. You can begin your job hunt by uploading your updated resume.

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