Why is SMS Marketing Ruling the Day?

SMS marketing

Marketing through SMS has become a popular mode to communicate with clients by just sending messages to their mobile phones. More and more businesses are jumping on the band wagon. Marketing by SMS may be used for sales, promotions and product launches.

There are the following main reasons for growing popularity of SMS marketing:

Gain Access to Many Clients

SMS is a great marketing tool that provides access to a wide customer base using just a single message. This method is more effective than making multiple phone calls to several clients. SMS is thus a convenient approach to distribute crucial information to customers whether for sales or promotions.

Better Relationship with Consumers

Most persons are used to getting messages from friends and family. They like to text in urgent situations without resorting to phone calls or e-mails. Customers who desire to get text messages may build a strong relationship with the companies they patronize.

Instant Deliverability

SMS is as fast as lightning. It literally puts your message into the pockets of clients within seconds after sending. The average time for most SMS services is less than 7 seconds. Even if other marketing channels are fast, nothing compares to the speed of SMS.

Flexibility of Platform

You can either send a few messages to a target group or hundreds of SMS messages to the complete list. A good marketing strategy via SMS helps to customize campaigns of text messages as per needs of customers. You can create a quick update on the industry or a promotional message; SMS can be designed as per your needs. They can also be incorporated with other marketing strategies.

High Rate of Opening

In comparison to e-mail marketing, SMS has an amazing opening rate. Basically almost all SMS’s sent are opened. But only fraction of e-mails is opened. When a trill or buzz is sounded in the phone, consumers are likely to check. There are also cases when text messages are opened automatically while this is not the case with e-mails.

High Rate of Conversion

There is an excellent rate of subscriber action in case of an SMS. Whatever is your SMS for contests or promotions, it involves more action by customers in comparison to other strategies of marketing.


As opposed to e-mail, SMS does not need to combat with e-mail filters like spam filters. SMS is a direct connection to your base of customers without any barriers.

Shortness of Messages

While it may be a challenge to some, the 160- character length of SMS, is a blessing for marketing. This forces you to be concise and clear. SMS frees customers the burden of reading through irrelevant content. It gets to the point instantly.

Distribution of Information which is time Sensitive

Most studies note that people carry cell phones everywhere. This implies that business owners can get in touch with their customers, any time of the day using SMS. Customers can be updated about products that are newly stocked, almost instantaneously.

These are some of the reasons why marketing by SMS has become very popular.

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