How to save your money with Havana transfers

In order to ensure that the customers are not taken by surprise when they have to pay the amount in Havana to Varadero Transfer, several websites on the Internet perform a preliminary calculation of the cost, so that the user can perceive an idea of what is going to mean to his pocket. Using these tools, one can orientate oneself about which route the taxi could take, and, in case of deviation or strange maneuver, the driver’s attention could be drawn to correct his address and resume the route he should.

What exactly does the taxi driver charge us?

You have to be clear about the concepts that are included in the final cost that are summarized in three: the time awaited by the driver for you, the number of kilometers traveled, and the time we remain in the taxi. Let’s see what each one of these concepts consists of and how much it can ascend.

Strategies to save in the taxi

The first premise that the client must have to keep is that they must be aware that the user can indicate to the taxi driver what route they wish to take to reach their destination. If you do not know which is the fastest route you could use a browser or one of the many applications for smartphones that exist to move around the city. The objective is to check which the fastest and most direct route is. The taxi driver, as regulated, can object only if there impedes traffic.

Once inside, the user can make the recommendations that he deems appropriate to the Havana Transfers driver, even regarding the lane he should use. And is that in many cities, there are lanes enabled for public transport vehicles and high occupancy, which is allowed to transit taxis. The fact that a taxi driver does not use it and intersperses in the traffic is because it intends to make the race last longer, and therefore, add cents to the meter.

Also, they cannot be asked to violate traffic regulations, but they do not make such long stops in places such as pedestrian crossings or stops. The reason is the same, arriving at the destination a few minutes later than it could. At the time of accessing the car, it would be convenient for the user to indicate that he is in a hurry, so the driver must perform the service with some urgency.

Use your mobile to save

There is also the possibility of sharing a taxi, even with strangers. At taxi stands in airports, train or bus stations, or even in business centers or sporting events, many users move to nearby places, a simple question in the queue and a prior understanding can get two strangers to share a vehicle.

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