How to Proceed with a DUI Case: Know Your Options

If you or someone close to you has been caught driving under influence, things could get really messy in the near future. You may be detained by the cops and your license could be cancelled, besides so much more. Either way, you are most likely to know very little about the law if you have not studied it. A Fort Collins DUI lawyer should be able to help you out here. His knowledge about the laws related to driving under influence should equip him with all the tools that could help tilt the final outcome in your favor.

If it’s the first time you have been caught in violation of the DUI laws, you are most likely to not face the jail term, though there will still be consequences. This could include you being put up on probation, regular alcohol assessment, mandatory treatment if necessary, community service, fines, or similar. If the BAC measures over .200, the jail term may still come into the picture. Any repeat offense will mandatorily lead to a jail term.

Minimizing the sentence

If you or someone you represent is under 21 years of age or if you have pleaded guilty, you will need to surrender your license. This will be returned to you at a later stage, though. You must remember that this is not really a privilege. A subsequent offenses will only raise the dangers of your license getting cancelled permanently. You must adhere to the guidelines carefully and make sure not to cross the line, especially when you are on probation. Your lawyer should be able to educate you better on this.

How will your Fort Collins DUI lawyer help you:

  • He will be able to explain your situation

  • He will do so while sticking close to the laid down guidelines

  • He will try to get your sentence minimized even when you have pleaded guilty

  • He will take all legal courses to tilt the outcome in your favor as much as possible

  • He may be able to get some witnesses too to strengthen your case

  • He will quote laws and rules regarding alcohol and how you may have missed a couple of points so that the sentencing is not that severe

If you want your lawyer to help you effectively, you must be totally honest with him too. He must know exactly how things went South. Doing this much may just give him a ray of light that could make things so much better for him. In either case, he will be equipped with all the information he needs to secure the best possible ruling for you.

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