Oracle Licensing and Resellers, Some Easy Options

Oracle, advantages and its feature

According to Oracle, the licensing definition is “the limited and non-exclusive right to use Oracle software under the agreed terms and conditions.” Oracle licensing and global Pricing policies establish the policies which are uniform for the customers and the partners with an objective for implementing this pricing and licensing strategy worldwide.

The licensing rights of Oracle are described in the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) and the rights regarding some specific products are described in the ordering document. The OMA details the restrictions, rights, warranties, disclaimers, confidentialities, etc. whereas the ordering documents describe the number of users, level of support, types of licenses and discounts (if applicable) that a customer had ordered and is going to receive.

The brand has introduced the notion of License Metric which determines how the usage is being measured, whenever Oracle licenses its software to a customer. The license metric is used whenever there are uncountable users (i.e., website) or when the number of user changes frequently. It is important for all the users to note that all of the processors have to get the license be licensed even if one of them is deactivated in the BIOS.

 Oracle licensing is very complex and changes regularly as and when the company feels to make some amendments as per the time and changing situations. The licensing is done in different ways:

1. The ULA

Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is a license that is time-based and unlimited use rights license for some specific Oracle products. Once the period of ULA is over, the user needs to declare usage and get the license numbers as he needs. The customer is thereafter provided with the required licenses according to the covered under the agreement. Then he is provided the required licenses under the ULA.

2. Processor Licensing

It is used when one cannot go for the verification or counting of the users. One can take Web-based applications which are the best example for the same. Oracle does not offer Processor licensing if using Personal Edition Oracle products.

3. User Licensing

The user license is all about the use of the same by the individual who wants to use it. He or she may use it for any of his or her personal use.

4. Device Licensing

It is notable that this kind of license is not available now, but some of the users may have CD license yet which is a part of the existing agreement of the company.

The Oracle Database resellers:

One who sells data is also called as an information broker or information reseller. It is a business that collects personal information of users and sells that information to other organizations.

The Oracle database resellers are the Oracle partners who are dedicated to the support of relational database. These are the value-added resellers which often add some additional services and features to the platform which is based on the needs of a client. This platform will allow the buyers to store, analyze and manage data. For some additional support and training, the buyers can take the help of Oracles Database consulting firms.    Oracle Database resellers reviewed by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction and price based on the most reviews available anywhere. For a reseller, it is important that it owns a very good database.

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