3 Ways for newlywed to accessorize in winters

Your life is going to be heated up because you are getting married with your special someone. But weather is gonna pretty cold, my friend. As winters are at the doorway and you have to make sure of woolen and cosy stuff along with regular stuff. You will be wearing those heavy women bangles or kadaas after wedding and you might be thinking it will be way too hard. But seriously not, no winter can ruin the newlywed style you have thought to opt. You just need to buy and match the right stuff and you can easily create your newlywed style statement, even in winters. The key is to stay warm and choosing the right accessories can be tricky. These accessories are not just ornaments; they hold symbolic ethnicity from the ancient times.

Here are the ways to highlight your accessories through the layers of your cold weather wardrobe:


Mangalsutra seems like the sing of married women. Women wear the mangalsutras for the long life of their husbands. Carrying mangalsutra on western outfit is really not a big deal. Find the right length and flaunt the sleek neck. It gives a compliment to your neckline and collar bones. You can pair this up with any coat or warm tee. You can also go for the long length mangalsutra if you’re wearing the high neck sweeters. Whether you go at work or any party, it will look amazing around your neck. You can find a perfect one from a wide array of online mangalsutras available at IndiaRush.


The red colour powder in your hairline has been part of our tradition since eons, and looks fab if we do it right. All you need to do is parting your hair right at the centre. It’s totally up to you whether you go for a long line or just a dot one. You can have just a dot and then wear beanie in case it’s too windy outside. Find the right shade of sindoor that goes along with your sweater or coat correctly. The colour adds a beautiful traditional touch to your look and makes you feel married even in winters. Apply the dark red lipstick for a complete look.


Women bangles are quite popular among Indian women. Though the practice came from Punjabi culture but the whole nation adopted it for its beauty. Wearing these bangles with western wear is really trendy. You can wear these wide choora with long knitted sweaters or three fourth sleeves cardigan. Just make sure the width of the sleeves. It should be loose enough to keep your choora in. With three fourth sleeves cardigans and sweaters, you can easily show off your choora. Try pairing a leather jacket for a fusion effect.

Getting married does change a lot of things in your life, from your lifestyle to wardrobe. But it’s a great experience. Just because you’re getting married in winters doesn’t mean you have to wait for summers to show off the beautiful accessories. As it already been described, don’t let the summers or any season ruin your style post marriage. Select the right accessories from a wide range of varieties. Be it online mangalsutras or trench coats, everything should be sexy enough to make you feel specia.

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